Method Because Of The Nc: The Rapid Development Of Ip As Business Secret

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"Over the last three years, my company Pin Jumped more than 200 million yuan sales revenue in 2009 reached 396 million, the contract exceeded 500 million yuan, taxes of more than 3100 yuan. Over the years, our company's market share has remained above 60%, retaining its position as the first in the industry. These achievements are all the company attaches great importance to intellectual property rights, and vigorously implement the results of scientific and technological innovation. "Shandong method because of the NC Machinery Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as Act for NC), chairman of Li Shengjun profound understanding, told reporters.

Method because of the NC was established in 1998, is mainly engaged in NC Drilling , Punch, Milling , Boring , Saw , Compound machines, cutting machines and other optoelectronic integration of numerical control machine complete set of processing equipment development, manufacturing and marketing enterprises. In recent years, numerical methods for scientific and technological innovation through greater efforts to strengthen intellectual property rights, become CNC machine tools Industry a "dark horse." September 2008, the company successfully listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. Today, the method for numerical total assets reached 751 million yuan, production and business area of 303 acres and has 1000 employees. Is now recognized by the State Ministry of Science and high technology enterprise in Shandong Province and the provincial engineering technology research center enterprise technology centers.

Innovation Bring an inexhaustible motive force

Interview in France due to NC, company just finished its sixth China CNC Machine Tool Show Returns. In this exhibition, the method introduced by NC's many new products, new technologies have attracted great interest from customers. Among them was named "China's first" heavy Dragons combination door axis CNC boring machine is mainly used for coal mining enterprises of various size Hydraulic pressure Support components and welding parts welding on both sides of rigid boring, represents a higher technical level in the field. Method because of their proven NC, to speed up the pace of independent innovation, and actively develop high-quality, high value-added innovative products, is fully enhance core competitiveness of enterprises and maintain an important way to leap-forward development.

Few years ago, France was an unknown because of CNC small workshop. In 1998, countries began to promote the steel construction, they have aimed at the domestic steel processing equipment in the field of secondary or blank time, the rapid entry of complete sets of CNC machining equipment into the field of steel blue ocean. In the method because of the NC before entering this field, China Steel Structure CNC machining equipment sets all rely on imports, the price is 3 times of similar equipment. After several years of development, today, due to NC law, not only in domestic market share over Liu Cheng, a China Steel CNC machining equipment sets the undisputed industry leader, and sailing to emulate European and American counterparts, beginning in the international market conquering a city. In 2004, with the first products exported to Russia, the official blew the law due to the clarion call to expand overseas NC. After five years of continuous development, products have been exported to South Africa, South Korea, Russia, Italy, more than 20 countries, total foreign exchange earnings of more than 1,500 million. At present, the law due to a number of products have been listed as NC national key new product projects, provincial and municipal projects of new products, scientific and technological projects, Torch Plan projects.

IP core competitiveness cast "I produced the CNC machine tools, technical complexity, high technology, development speed, market competition is fierce. In this case, the independent intellectual property rights protection is particularly important." Law minister of system management for NC high naive told reporters. Company was first established method for numerical control in municipal and district administration with the help of intellectual property, developed intellectual property management system. After continually revise and improve the current system has become such an important company document management system implementation.

Company set up by the general manager of intellectual property rights for the head of the leading group, by the departments responsible for participants. Each year to develop annual plans of intellectual property rights, patent applications growth indicators, improve the quality of patent applications and patent rate target, doing intellectual property capital budget to develop the patent inventor incentives.

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Method Because Of The Nc: The Rapid Development Of Ip As Business Secret

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