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With the development of knowledge economy, China Hardware Enterprises "going out" is the general trend of international trade, intellectual property rights play an important role, has become an inevitable turn to the topic. Hardware companies do business overseas, there must be awareness of intellectual property, wherever should seek intellectual property protection, market-rational positive activists, the use of legal weapons to protect their legal rights. But the hardware companies to protect their rights abroad will encounter all kinds of problems occur, then the strengthening of overseas activists then?

Lenovo patent Management Li, senior director of administration, said the development of Chinese companies overseas, the more or less met the pressure of intellectual property, including patents pressure is very great.

Pressure in the transmission chain of the patent, the current pressure on the vast majority of Chinese enterprises in the bottom of pass, feel the greatest pressure. Meanwhile, as Chinese companies continue to upgrade and product innovation capabilities, we are to overseas competitors, the pressure is gradually increased, and this pressure is the pressure of intellectual property passing through the reaction of the body in Chinese enterprises.

In the face of pressure from Chinese companies generally have two attitudes, one respect the intellectual property of others, follow the rules of the game opponents, in accordance with the rules of the game rivals compete to enhance their own strength, he gradually won recognition of opponents; Second, institutional system that rivals the rights under the patent is too large, that is unreasonable, incomprehensible, or detour, or discouraged. Common view is that the former is more practical.

From national policy, the Commerce Department to take five steps to strengthen overseas activists, the issue of IP has become clear that the development of enterprises on the hardware plays a positive role.

The Ministry of Commerce and Law, said Li Chenggang, deputy director of external economic and trade fields of intellectual property rights protection mechanism for the establishment and improvement overseas, will be a relatively long process. Ministry of Commerce did some exploring in the past, the next step from the five areas to help companies increase overseas rights protection: first, establishment of overseas intellectual property rights protection as soon as the notification mechanism and related information within the purview of the government to provide related legal services. Second, overseas business sector resources as the basis, the establishment of the government, enterprises, intermediary organizations, research institutions and related legal services, many joint collaboration "five in one" joint mechanism to achieve rapid sharing of information between the main . Third, some key areas in a series of training, so that overseas Chinese enterprises dare defenders, good defenders outside. Fourth, the Government by providing information and advisory services, measures to encourage enterprises to actively take defenders. Also, the Government will in due course, the use of government resources and foreign representations to the relevant government departments, communication, rights protection for enterprises to create a fair environment. Fifth, the recent emphasis in the process of Chinese enterprises overseas exhibitors intellectual property protection, and overseas famous exhibitions for established communication channel for Chinese enterprises participating in the process of protecting intellectual property rights overseas, and create better conditions to protect the legitimate rights and interests.

Intellectual property rights in developed countries in terms of quantity and quality are completely in the initiative, the development of Chinese enterprises in developing countries, common problems, to correctly understand the same time, positive changes in the cost of business but also the concept of utilizing intellectual property sustainable development for the enterprise won the space.
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Hardware How To Strengthen Overseas Rights - Overseas Rights, Intellectual Property - Hardware

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This article was published on 2011/01/07