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"Cottage style" Guajin island, it was "wind" profit. However, in the "cottage economy," Behind the boom to maintain the manufacturing sector, "cottage were" Competition is not who is better, but who will copy it, and who would dare to challenge the quality of the bottom line, who profits low; the lack of precipitation and repairs, the final will form a vicious circle; often a "cottage" finished, on the subject of a consumer and then the next target; we ask: "cottage" to the creative worth?

Do not protect intellectual property rights, some people will be short-term benefits, but the long run, who will go to R & D and innovation? The face of "cottage", the island's cultural entrepreneurs how to deal with the Taiwan government departments, how to save help, perhaps, give us some enlightenment.

Innovative play lie "cottage"

As a representative of Taiwan's cultural and creative industries, Franz Group's products have repeatedly received international awards creative class. However, the higher the visibility was "cottage" in the higher probability.

2006, the Franz in Canton Fair, the first exhibits were found counterfeit or even plagiarized Franz designs, more in the enjoyment of "Millennium porcelain," the title of Jingdezhen market, found a counterfeit Franz products, counterfeit goods, the price is only true one-tenth.

Suspected illegal "cottage were" Franz law firm with many weapons to spare no effort to defend its reputation in the end, through litigation, to maintain its own reputation. Franz relevant responsible person said, the fundamental measures to prevent counterfeiting, or to insist on innovative technology, "otherwise, in the broad market on the mainland, is hard to justify."

As with Franz, because of that intellectual property rights of enterprises play a decisive role in the survival and development, many of Taiwan's large enterprises, but also provides a complete set of measures to stimulate R & D with innovation to deal with "cottage." To macro? F computer company, for example, the company set up a patent room, trademarks room, are responsible for the Group and its subordinate enterprises patent, trademark development, application, conversion, transfer, protection and so on. If the Group to apply for a patent, you must put forward ideas, discuss whether proprietary, patent writing, a few steps to complete the application. For those who put forward ideas for 2000 to 10,000 yuan reward NT; patent authorization, to give a higher reward. Taiwan Steel Company, United Microelectronics Electronic Companies have such a system. Intellectual property disputes in court Solutions

Addition to enterprises, the Taiwan government's protection of the cultural and creative industries, also for years. Taiwan has implemented the "Patent Law," "Trademark Law", "Copyright Law", "fair competition" and other laws related to intellectual property protection provisions.

Legal expert Chen Tianlong pointed out that Taiwan, because Taiwan's external trade exchanges are frequent, so the cultural and creative industries, intellectual property rights for this piece is the integration of local superiority complex, and because of the diversity of the edge, so Taiwan has a thriving cultural and creative industries base. According to Chen Tianlong

introduction of intellectual property rights protection in Taiwan, administrative and judicial system is "dual track." Accurate measure Patent (TM) is is to examine the bodies, but actually found the invasion of non-infringement by the court to determine.

Judge whether this involves a real understanding of the content expertise, and make a reasonable and proper verdict. Therefore, in the July 1, 2008, Taiwan established the "Intellectual Property (IP) court" to hear of such infringement cases specifically, the high quality of judges handling the case, and familiar with the patent and trademark matters, to deal with various cases.

Civil society organizations to help combat the infringement

In addition, there are many in Taiwan's intellectual property development, intellectual property law of the civil society organizations, such as the Asia Pacific Intellectual Property Foundation, Institute for Information Industry Association, Industrial Technology Research Institute and other private organizations, they in intellectual property policy and legal research for the government and enterprises to provide a variety of intellectual property assistance.
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Counter The "cottage" In Taiwan Strokes

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